Trilussa Palace Hotel
Trilussa Palace Hotel Congress & SPA Trilussa Palace Hotel Congress & SPA Trilussa Palace Hotel Congress & SPA

Noble residence filled with art and poetry

  • Trilussa

    Trilussa Palace Hotel

    The Trilussa Palace Hotel was named after one of Rome's most popular poets. Trilussa is, in fact, the nickname for Carlo Alberto Salustri, the author of numerous poems written in Roman dialect.
    His verses and political satire are witty and ironic, and paint a more authentic and honest view of Rome.

  • Villa Chigi della La Farnesina

    Trilussa Palace Hotel

    Trilussa Palace Hotel's marble floors and decor were inspired by those seen in Villa Chigi, located in the nearby Via Lungara; Baldassare Peruzzi's late Renaissance masterpiece.
    The architect used the most refined marble materials and elegant decor in order to provide guests with a prelude of Rome's Baroque period.
    The villa maintained the famous fresco Trionfo di Galatea, a beautiful masterpiece painted by Raffaello.

  • Paola Romano

    Trilussa Palace Hotel

    Paola Romano fine tuned her skills in Rome, where she still lives and works, and her artistic touch can be seen through-out the hotel, where she made her debut, and perfected her skills by inventing new painting techniques. Paola Romano studied in the Academy of Fine Art of Rome in Vila Rufa, during the 90s she researched new techniques, and exposed numerous collections which became a big hit with the public and art critics, alike. Trilussa Palace in Rome is a permanent exhibitor of Romano's masterpiece under the Magna Carta Foundation. There are numerous requests for the masterpieces to participate in international collections. Paola Romano's works of art are part of important private collections, nationally and abroad.


Trilussa Palace Hotel is an elite example of Italian Luxury Hoteliers, which was especially designed for guests who expect full comfort and immaculate services when staying in an international level 4 star hotel in Rome that maintains an authentic Italian atmosphere and style.

Precious marble and elegant decor provide a luxurious atmosphere within every room. Meanwhile, the hotel welcomes its guests with a friendly and professional staff that is always ready to provide city information and ensure a pleasant accommodation when staying in its hotel in Rome.

Whether guests are in town for vacation or business, Trilussa Palace Hotel provides an elegant atmosphere (inspired from the breath-taking Villa Chigi in Lungara, also called Farnesina) throughout our reception, halls, TV lounge, reunion facilities, and breakfast lounge. The bar lounge, open until late night, allows you to enjoy a drink or a cup of coffee, whereas the roof garden, opened during summer, allows guests to enjoy a magnificent view of Rome; both areas have become our guests' favorite rooms within the Trilussa Palace Hotel.

Your days will begin with a delicious buffet-style breakfast that offers an extensive selection of food to meet your preference, including; fresh fruit, espresso coffee, cappuccino, etc. During the evenings, guests can enjoy the hotel's Wellness Center and exercise room, which rejuvenates guests after a long business meeting, or day out in town.

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