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DAY USE Hotel Rome ? Room for a day Rome hotel

DAY USE Hotel Rome ? Room for a day Rome hotel

The Trilussa Palace Hotel offers the possibility to book a room for few hours during the day. This solution is for who want take a little rest with a total privacy.

Our Day Use has got a check-in time at 10.30 am and a check-out time at 5.00 pm, in the same day
To book a room it?s sufficient to contact the hotel by phone or by mail.

Rate: 90.00?
Local tax: 6.00? per person

Our strengths
*Immediate confirmation by phone/mail
*No Guarantee (credit card or pre-payment)
*Payment direct in the hotel
*Possibility to book for the same date
*Possibility to cancel, without penalty, up to one minute before the arrival time
It?s possible to add service, such as massages, spa, etc, to all our day use

For further information and reservations we?re kindly asking to contact the hotel:

Piazza Ippolito Nievo 25/27 ? Su Viale Trastevere
00153 Roma
Tel ? +39 06 58 81 963 / +39 335 84 82 953
Mail ?

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