Fitness Room
Trilussa Palace Hotel

Wellness is not just relax, cuddle and massages. Wellness also means sport, muscle- strengthening and toning. The pride of the Trilussa Palace Hotel & SPA is exclusive Fitness Center the where guests can choose among tapis rouland, cyclette and many other Technogym tools watching TV or Internet programs, listening to their favorite music or staying tuned with the social networks.

Cardio equipment

- Technogym Treadmill
- Technogym seated bike
- Technogym Elliptical

Power equipment

- Technogym Leg press horizontal
- Technogym Dumbells from 1lb to 50lb
- Technogym Pure Strength shoulder press
- Technogym Pure Strength Chest Press
- Technogym Lat machine
- Technogym AB crunch


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