Ramo Bistrot
Trilussa Palace Hotel

Ramo Bistrot, in a pleasant and elegant ambience, is the ideal place both for the winter season with its indoor dining room, and for the summer season with the outdoor area surrounded by many Mediterranean plants. Here, the classic rituals of the American Bar melts with the refinement of French Bistros, offering aperitifs, delicious tastings and traditional dishes, respecting the seasonality of the products, which can be combined with a wide selection of wine labels.

Ramo is both an anagram of the Italian word for Rome, like the ancient flavors of the traditional dishes proposed and revisited, and of Amor, like the passion and wisdom with which Chef Salvatore Mirko Baiano elaborates every recipe, the result of personal experiences, culinary training and travel. In his dishes we find our childhood memories that are reworked into new experiences, for a moment of pure happiness to share with the loved ones, the elegant geometries enchant the eye even before the palate with unmistakable stylish plating, in a harmony of shapes and colors that give diners an almost artistic experience.

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